Frame and engine numbers

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Frame and engine numbers

Postby rob75#varm » Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:31 pm

I have found the engine number and frame number. How many characters are there in a frame number ? A couple of numbers are nearly impossible to read. Do either or both numbers appear on the V5c/3, which I haven't yet received from the previous owner.


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Re: Frame and engine numbers

Postby pertheswede » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:58 pm

All early YAMAHA's including FS1-E's had 9 alpha numerics frame and engine numbers with the earliest models being all numerics. All YAMAHAS left the factory in Japan with matching frame and engine numbers.

Example A: A 1973 "SS" model for example would have had a frame number ranging from 394-000101 to around 394-007500
Example B: a 1978 FS1-M model would have had a frame number beginning with 2G0-200101 to around 2G0-203999

The first 3 digits is the YAMAHA model code/model identifier. e.g. "394" = early 1973-1977 UK models FS1-E's with front drum brake and pedals

Both frame and engine numbers should appear on the V5C Registration Document but you may find that these are shortened versions, for example the above latter "SS" frame number may be shown as only 7500 as oftern the model code and any prefixing zeros were removed off the V5 upon registration (not sure why, maybe to save valuable computer memory space back in the day??)
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